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3 Reasons A Dumpster Is A Must-Have After Evicting A Tenant

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The business of renting apartments or homes to individuals and families is rarely so ideal, and eventually, you could end up having to evict a tenant due to non-payment or otherwise. While you may be a little frazzled by the whole ordeal of going through the legal legwork to get a bad tenant out of a unit, make sure when they are finally gone, you get your thinking cap on. Cleanup is bound to be part of the equation after an eviction, so go ahead and rent a dumpster. Here are three good reasons why having a roll-off dumpster delivered to the unit will be a good idea. 

Your evicted tenant may have been in a hurry to leave. 

When a tenant receives notice that they must vacate the premises, they should immediately start making other arrangements so they can have an adequate amount of time to move all of their belongings. However, if a tenant is already having financial difficulties, they may not start moving right away. This sometimes mean that the tenants in your unit will really be pushed for time when they get down to the last few days. Don't be surprised if you walk into your rental unit after an eviction and find a lot of leftover belongings to contend with and trash to get rid of. Already having a dumpster on hand will make it simple to just round up everything that cannot be donated and tossing it. 

You may be dealing with damages to the property and general repairs. 

If you have been dealing with a true nightmare tenant, an eviction may also mean you are going to be left with damages that will have to be repaired before the unit can be rented again. Construction work and damage repairs will almost always involve a lot of waste and debris. 

Keep your unit looking tidy for prospective renters. 

When one of your rental units has not been bringing in an income, you will likely be in a hurry to get it back on the market after a tenant is evicted. This often means you will have ads up about the place before it is ever actually totally ready to be viewed. The last thing you want is prospective renters to see a sidewalk or lawn full of trash if they happen to drive by and take a peek at the unit. This is not a problem when you have a rented dumpster (such as one from Western Disposal) in place to contain the waste.