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Tips For First-Time Dumpster Rental Clients

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Disposing of the trash that is generated by your renovation project can be a difficult part of a remodeling project. These projects can produce vast amounts of garbage, and while dumpster rentals can be an excellent way of handling this aspect of these projects, it is important to note that there are some common oversights people may make when renting these items. To avoid some of the more routine problems, you should make sure to utilize the following couple of dumpster tips.

Protect The Driveway Or Parking Lot

Dumpsters are often large and heavy enough to cause serious damage to paved surfaces. This occurs due to the weight of the dumpster and the hard edges that it may have. To avoid cracks in the pavement, you should make sure to put sheets of plywood where the dumpster will be located. This wood will help to absorb and evenly distribute the weight of the dumpster, and it can also protect the pavement from the hard edges of the dumpster. When using this approach, make sure to use wood that is as thick as possible. While this may cost more than using cheap thin wood, it can greatly enhance the protection your pavement will enjoy.

Keep The Dumpster Lid Locked When Not Using It

Whether it is during the overnight hours or on off days, it is important to make sure that the dumpster is securely closed when it is not being used. In addition to preventing rain and snow from accumulating in it, this will also help to stop illegal dumping in your dumpster and animals from nesting in them. Most dumpsters come with a lid that can be secured, but if you rented a dumpster that lacked a lid, you should make sure to place a tarp over it. This can be somewhat inconvenient, but it is essential for preventing the dumpster from filling with water and becoming a home to small animals.

Renovating your business or home can be a serious undertaking for anyone to start. In addition to the construction and design choices, you will also have to make decisions for managing the logistical side of these projects, which can include disposing of the refuse created by the work. To this end, understanding the need to protect pavement from dumpsters and the need to keep these bins secured will help you to avoid some of the issues that first-time dumpster rental clients may encounter when using these services. Contact a business, such as ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, for more information.