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Expecting Torrential Rains: 2 Tips To Keep You Safe After A Flood

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When your home gets flooded, you're going to have to act fast to get the mess cleaned up. It doesn't matter how well-prepared you are, flood water can seriously damage your home. When torrential rains come through your area, they can drop several inches of water in no time at all. Unfortunately, all that water can leave your home in danger of flooding. Here are two easy-to-follow safety tips that will help you avoid problems while you're cleaning up after a flood.

Take Extra Precautions with Basement Floods

If you're basement is completely under water, you'll need to proceed with caution. Your basement is the foundation for your entire home. One wrong move during water removal could result in your basement walls collapsing. If that happens, you're entire home could collapse too. The trick to removing basement water safely is to pump it out as slowly as possible. Use your pumps to remove small amounts of water at a time. By slowly removing the water, you'll avoid pressure build-up that could destroy your home.

Be Careful Around Electricity

Before entering your home to assess the flood damage, make sure the gas and electricity have been turned off. If they haven't, you'll need to take extra precautions before entering your home. Here are two steps you should take to avoid hazardous conditions.

Use Flashlights Only

If the gas or propane has not been turned off to your home, they could be leaking. Unfortunately, gas and propane leaks can cause fires and explosions, especially if there are live electrical wires or open flames nearby. If you're not sure whether the gas or propane have been turned off, use a flashlight in or around your home.

Avoid All Standing Water

Standing water can pose a serious threat if the electricity is still on in your home. Take a look inside your home, if the water is up near the electrical outlets, or you can see electrical cords in the water, do not enter until you're sure the power has been turned off. One phone call to the utility companies will determine whether your power and gas have been disconnected. If they haven't been, be sure to have the utility companies send someone out as soon as possible. Once your utilities have been disconnected, you'll be able to go in and assess the damage.

It's never too early to prepare for seasonal flooding. The information provided above will help keep you safe after a flood. 

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